Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh, why not!?

I was getting bored of making my all last collages in the same way. I was thinking about a sentence "Bringing art in to your life", why not to change it and make it "Bringing life in to your art". Then I was thinking what element of life I could put in to my collages. As an inspiration I used a collage which I made before, standing man wearing black wet coat with a background made with men's naked bodies.
"What about addictions?"  "Watching porn websites can be one of them"
Yes, I was thinking to create some more controversial, bold pieces. So I've started looking at gay porn websites to find perfect photos for my new artworks. I wanted to create collages where I could use men's nude bodies but at the same time to hide an eroticism by merging porn photographs with random objects and different backgrounds, so it would look really bizarre.

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