Monday, 1 November 2010

COLLAGE: artists research, books

During a creating new things I always forget how important is to look at other people work, to get an inspirations from different artists, get a few ideas, do some brainstorming, and just after that start creating things. It's important to not follow just the first idea which comes to your mind.
I've been looking at works of different collage makers like: Lou Beach, Herbert Bayer, Winston Smith, Richard Hamilton and other artists, like an animator Terrence Vance Gilliam. And I think it changed a lot my way of thinking about and making collage.

I was looking for inspirations in art books "Mixed Emulsions" (Angela Cartwright) and "The Art and Craft of Montage" (Simon Larbalestier) which are showing different ways of making collages and using alternative materials like old photographs, fabrics, newspapers, 3D objects (jewellery, wire, buttons) or plastic foil.

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