Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Glossop Trip

 Tomorrow, another uni trip, 
we're going to Glossop 
to celebrate....ergh can't really remember
what exactly was it about. 
The thing is we need to make a kite 
for tomorrow's day out....
 I made a kite which doesn't flight,
 i used a kite as
 an reflection of my artistic feelings.
 As I feel really stuck with my work
 for the last few
 months my kite can't rise, 
just like my every new idea 
which comes to my mind
 and doesn't work...
I made it black, in color which represent 
my emptiness,
and a bit of light hue in the left corner
 - there is always a little scintilla of hope....

Sunday, 6 February 2011


afer long time I'm here again. I'm back,with no clue how and what with to start another art-producing process. During the last two months I've made few drawings, sketches, ...bhah blah blah