Saturday, 16 October 2010

"Do whatever you like" project...

...First, I thought there is not better thing to do such as our current project, we have six weeks to do, to be honest, whatever we like, of course we had given two suggestions to chose but I didnt find any of them interesting enough. That's why I've started planning to make something compeletely different. Unfortunely, after few long days of "planning" I realised  it's no that easy to create something without any suggestion or even advice.  
   Then, I've started few different "projects", all of them are based on similar ideas. On one of the first Hazel's "Your Amazing Brain" lectures, we were trying to define a creativity, as the most true I recognised deffinition which says, that creativity is about connecting the unconnected and this sentence became the main base for my forthcoming project. After an intensive brainstorming I had few good themes to follow.

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